We Made It!!!!! (Finally)

Ive been a little MIA from the blog for the last month or so. For that, I apologize, but it was for a very good reason! We have been in the process of moving to Hawaii!!!! This was a long time coming with tons of stress, but I am so happy to finally be here!!

Our trip took three days. I did this on purpose to help with the transition for our 14m old considering it was her very first plane ride. I think she did excellent!IMG_7223

I had both plane rides set up during nap time so she could nap for some of the ride. I was most worried about ascending and descending, but I had some juice in her straw cup that I knew she would drink during those times. we normally only give water but I did a 50/50 mix of juice and water to ensure she would drink it when needed. I gave her the juice when I noticed her ears were uncomfortable.

We drove from Jacksonville to Atlanta one day and took a plane ride from Atlanta to Los Angeles the next morning. My brother-in-law and father-in-law helped us drive our luggage (12 bags!) from Jax to Atlanta. Without them, this trip would have been much more difficult with my husband possibly having to rent another car! The only time she was fussy was when she was tired because she isn’t used to taking naps in her car seat. 


Bringing her car seat on the airplane was a lot of work, but soooooo worth it. She knows to sit in her car seat so that helped a lot. I tried holding her sometimes and she just wasn’t interested in that. She loves people and wanted to talk and make faces at other passengers. The car seat is heavy and clunky, but it made both plane rides much easier.

The first night we stayed at an Embassy Suites in L.A. It was perfect because she ended up going to bed at 5:00pm and then my husband and I could bring the monitor to the lobby and hang out while she slept.


The next morning we got up and took the flight from LA to Honolulu. It was longer, but by then she was a little used to it. I will say, the staff at LAX were not very nice and unhelpful. Maybe its an LA thing????


Once again, a sleepy baby

When we landed in Hawaii, I literally cried tears of joy because for so long I was just ready to be here and start this next chapter. We have been without our things since May and moving from place to place while my husband does multiple trainings. When his training kept getting pushed back, extending the time to get here, I kept getting more stressed. I was happy to be here and felt very welcome with tons of people from the squadron and friends showing up to the airport to greet us.


This week we have been exploring Waikiki and getting settled. Next we move into our new house and get settled even more. I have been working on lots of Hawaii posts with even more ideas for posts so be sure to check back! We are loving it here and plan to explore a lot more these next few months!




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