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I recently ordered our first shipment of Hello Fresh meals. If you aren’t familiar with Hello Fresh, it’s a delivery service that gives you everything you need to make the meal. They claim they deliver all ingredients for gourmet meals that you can cook in six steps in no more than 45 minutes. There are other similar services like Blue Apron, but after looking at both we decided to go with Hello Fresh because the food choices sounded better to me. Also I can’t stand peppers and a lot of the Blue Apron meals contained them.



Ordering was made really easy. You get your first box half off. You can either download thier app or order on a web browser. After you sign up you choose 3 or 4 meals from a list of about 7-8 different meals you can choose from. They offer plans that come in  two servings, four servings, or a vegetarian option. Each meal is $10 per serving but since they give you your first box half off, we got ours for $5 per serving. You can choose to order either three meals a week or four meals a week. We decided to go with four. We decided to go with chimmicurri skirt steak, moo shu pork tacos, cod fish cakes, and crantastic turkey burgers. We ordered just the two servings because my daughter is small enough to eat off our plates or she eats her own meal that I prepare.


For some reason I was under the impression that you get the meals delivered each day, but no, they come all at once. So I crossed my fingers and hoped that the fresh ingredients stayed fresh all week. When you first open the box, you have all the paperwork on top. This includes ads, directions, recipe cards, nutrition facts, etc. Below that was a thick insulation to keep the food cold. Each recipe has its own paper bag with the ingredients.


Under the bags are ice packs with your meats in between them. The ice packs are large and reusable so that was def something we put aside to keep for coolers.

The meats are labeled but there’s no specific directions on what to do with the bags or meats for storage, so the bags went into the fridge and meats into the freezer. I know not everything in the bags needed to be refrigerated but I wanted to keep everything together, so in they went.

Cooking the first meal

For our first meal we chose to make the Crantastic Turkey Burgers.


I loved how cute the little bottles of jam and vinegar were. I will say this, if you are trying to cut down on the amount of waste you create, then this packaging is not for you.

First up, chop the sage and grate the shallot. I tried grating the shallot but the gas created made it so I couldn’t even open my eyes. So I put on some handy sunglasses and minced them with a knife instead.

Stylish…..I know

We added the other ingredients and mixed the burgers. The ground turkey was more like mush which kinda grossed me out, but I dealt. It also was a lot more wet than I’m used to when making burgers so I added all the panko they provided instead of what the recipe called for.


After forming the two patties I handed them off to my husband to throw on the grill. I did forget to tell my husband one key step in the directions, oil the grill grates. This made it become a disaster. They immediately started to stick and fall apart so we decided to abort immediately. After scraping them off the grill, and reforming the patties I cooked them in a pan.

While the burgers were cooking it was time to make the salad and cranberry mayo. The cranberry mayo was easy. Just mix some of the cranberry jam and the mayo provided. They are in very small jars and if I didn’t have baby spoons handy, I don’t know how I would have gotten them out. It didn’t seem like enough mayo for me so I added some of my own. I ended up adding about 50% more mayo, and used all of the cranberry jam.

The salad was easy; lettuces, balsalmic, olive oil, cranberries, and pecans, then mix.

After the patties were done, we assembled the burgers and sat down for dinner.

The Finished Product

Sorry for the crappy picture quality, but it I took this picture on my phone before I realized I would write a blog post on this.

It took me about 40 minutes from start to finish. Of course we had the grill mishap and I was chasing around the baby in between. So with that in consideration, I probably could have made everything in thirty minutes without those distractions. The burgers were fantastic and def something I would make again. I was right about there not being enough mayo. Instead of having 1.5 of the amounts recommended I would double the original amount. I’m a sauce girl though. The salad was okay, both on the burger and on the side. It was pretty plain as far as salads go. The lettuce was all arugula so I missed that crunch that normally comes with lettuce on a burger.

Overall, it was great. The burger is a great summery meal with that sprinkle of Thanksgiving flavor we all love. We paid $10 for both of us to eat a unique dinner. I would make a couple of changes but the ease and taste of the recipe was well worth it.

Other Meals

I’ll save you all the specifics of the rest of meals and give a quick review of each.

Cod cakes- These were pretty good taste wise but it took me over an hour to prepare! The salad was bleh again, considering it was just arugula, oil and lemon. I added some of my own spices to it. I get it though, it’s just a filler to complete the meal, the main focus were the cod cakes. The cod cakes comprised of mainly potatoes and cod with an aoli to top it. The cod cake had great flavor but it kept falling apart when cooking. If making it again I would probably add an egg or something to keep it together. I doubled the aoli because like I said earlier, I’m a sauce girl. This time my husband agreed and thought that doubling the amount was perfect.



Chimmicurri steak with summer salad– Let me start off with saying this – salad was ah-may-zing! My husband and I both loved it and it will probably become a staple in my house. In fact, we cooked it later that week on our own! It was comprised of sweet potatoes, corn, onions, avocado, tomatoes, and lime. This recipe had a lot of prep work so it took about 50 minutes total. The steak was good, it was a skirt steak so not the best cut, but still decent. I think it needed some sort of marinade or spice to give it that “oompf.” This recipe called to make a chimmicurri. It was eh, but I just can’t find any chimmicurri recipe that beats my own. So of course I made my own recipe for chimmichurri to go along with this meal! Sauce girl remember…

DSC_0029 (2)


Moo shu pork tacos– I was the most skeptical about this meal. I don’t really cook with radishes or purple cabbage so I wasn’t sure if I would like the flavors. And honestly, what really is moo shu? Like, for real. I thought I would have some sort of understanding after cooking, but this pack came with just a packet of “moo shu” seasoning. I did love the adorable canister of soy sauce though!

So cute!

I thought these were actually really good tacos. Of course I doubled the hoisin mayo, just like the other recipes. We each got three tacos and it was filling. We cooked this meal on Thursday and since it was delivered Saturday the green onions were very limp. Luckily I always keep green onions on hand so I just used some of my own. This meal did take just under thirty minutes to prepare which I was thrilled about.



Final thoughts

I really enjoyed the meals from Hello Fresh. One thing I loved about it was that everything that could be fresh, was fresh. There were things that they could have substituted to make it cheaper on their part and they didn’t. These include when the recipe called for lime or lemon juice, you didn’t get some concentrated mess, you got an actual lemon or lime to squeeze. For the summer salad, they could have included canned corn, but no, you got corn on the cob that you cut off and roast yourself. I would definitely order this again. Probably not weekly, but monthly sounds good. It was nice not having to worry about groceries or what I’m going to cook for dinner.

I think this service is great for single people or couples. They do offer a family size ordering that comes with four servings, but honestly kids do not eat that much and at $10 per serving, I really wouldn’t want to pay that. Probably the next time we order I will price match what it costs in the store to make the meal compared to what Hello Fresh is charging. I did miss the leftovers, which is usually what we eat for lunch. A single person would have a perfect portion for the next day. Overall I’m happy with the product and have a bunch of new easy but delicious recipes that I can cook on my own for friends and family.


**TIP** If you download their app they have a bunch of recipes on there that you can cook FO FREE!!!
Have you tried Hello Fresh or another meal delivery service? Tell me about your experience or if you would try it in the comments,


  1. Rona Dasig

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    Thankyou for Sharing! It’s a really nice review!

    1. admin

      September 15, 2017 at 8:52 am

      Thank you!

  2. Samara

    September 11, 2017 at 7:15 am

    I’ve been thinking of trying this service out, so thank you for sharing your experience!!!

    1. admin

      September 12, 2017 at 9:14 pm

      No problem! We def like it and got it again this week!

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