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An Open Letter To My Daughter
Dear Daughter, I can’t believe that in just a few short days you are going to be turning one! The
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Top 5 Beauty Products for Busy Moms
Let’s be real. Being a mom is a lot of work, leaving you with little time to get ready. This
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6 Wines Under $20 To Try Right Now!
It is not a secret that I love wine. I’m def not an everyday wine drinker, but we all have
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Air Power Over Altus
This weekend I got to go to mine and Victoria’s first air show! Not sure why I’ve never been to
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An Unbiased Hello Fresh Review
  I recently ordered our first shipment of Hello Fresh meals. If you aren’t familiar with Hello Fresh, it’s a
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Preparing For a Hurricane
Hurricanes are no laughing matter. Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to an area, but luckily they are somewhat easy to
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